Corporate Uniform Singapore: 3 Best Colors to Pick for Work Uniforms

The first thing that any person notices about your uniform is its color. It is the vital element that sends a positive message about your business. Colors affect people in different ways. It affects our moods and how other people perceive us. Also, the great researchers, Frank Hustmyer and Keith Jacob in 1974 have discovered that the colors can even change our blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration. Having the branded apparel is a solid marketing trick and also a vital part of the business industry.


The well-designed custom corporate uniform Singapore creates good first impression amongst the customers. Moreover, the use of striking colors effectively helps your employees to stay ahead of the competitors.

1. Blue

Blue is famous for their calming properties. A lot of studies have also reported that navy suit is the best outfit when interviewing. It showcases the trust and boosts confidence. Blue color also brings the mind to the peaceful place. So that’s why a lot of corporate logo colors mainly include at least a shade of blue somewhere in the design. If the suit is too bright or too dark, it can be overwhelming.


This striking color shows authority, communication, structure, dependability, loyalty, and trust. Navy blue is best for professionals and is worn globally by the presidents, high-level CEOs, politicians, and executives. This excellent color suits any skin complexion and is the best base color to mix and match with other colors while accessorizing. However, use of too much blue may seem cold an uncaring. Also, remember that those persons who work outdoors must avoid wearing too much blue as the mosquitoes are attracted to the blue twice as any other color.

2. Black

It shows elegance, power, mystery, and discipline. The black attire in the corporate world is a suit color choice that brings more authority to the wearer. It is a wonderful choice for the offices that have a conservative work environment. Use of black uniforms with a tie/scarf adds an accent to your personality. There are many corporate clothing manufacturers Singapore that offers exceptional quality work-wear while paying attention to the durability, fabric, structure, and fit at pocket-friendly rates.

3. Grey

Grey color show attentiveness, success, and timelessness. A charcoal suit gives a signal of being authentic and wise. This sophisticated color also signifies practicality and maturity to the wearer. Just like the navy suits, these uniforms look powerful and authoritative. A charcoal grey attire is as versatile as navy. Depending on the clients you deal with and your industry, it goes perfectly with the broad range of colors, thus making your staff get more creative with the ties and shirt.

You can pair the charcoal suit with solid and plain dress shirts and ties such as light grey, white, navy, and black. Moreover, it is also an excellent base color that adds warmth depending on what message to send and the environment itself. Grey is also a great choice for the people working in sales, finance, or banking. It is perfect in combination with the other colors to personalize according to coloring, proportion, and scale.


Nowadays, the biz world is getting more competitive, and it has become crucial for your clients to create a lasting impression. The most useful way to get the attention of the customers is by showing the company’s image correctly via the great fit work uniforms Singapore.

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